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Bubble Stacks


BubbleStacks was a design given the title of Best In Class: Innovation for the Mozilla Labs Home Tab Design Challenge (Winter '09). BubbleStacks was a collaborative interaction design effort created by Chatree Campiranon and myself. Bubbles and Stacks were originally designed for the Firefox web browser but could function just as easily in any browser.

"The Mozilla Labs Design Challenge is a series of events to encourage innovation, and experimentation in user interface design for the Web. [Their] aim is to provoke thought, facilitate discussion, and inspire future design directions for Firefox, the Mozilla project, and the Web as a whole."

BubbleStacks are an imaginative look into behavioral analysis. The concept uses browser-habit data alone to improve the experience of memory access and recall of information accessed on the Internet. Information is organized by concept into logical packages of websites we call Stacks. Bubbles provide users with a visual network of concepts consumed rather than sites visited.

A window into your past experiences has the potential to open a world of thought and possibilities. Today, browser history provides no more imagination than a breadcrumb trail sequencing your online experiences. Usefulness extends little further than your memory can reach. Bubbles and Stacks open a window to your mind, providing the ability to extend your memory and organize your online experiences.

You can learn more about the design by visiting or reading our guest blog post about the experience at Mozilla Labs.


Project video

Bubbles are aggregated generalizations of the concepts you access most while browsing the Internet.

A view of one of the Bubbles expanded.

A recreation of what we have all come to recognize as our Internet history.

Stacks become a package of sites you visit regularly. They can be created automatically by Firefox or manually by you.

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