Craig Birchler






The project was a visual communication tool that uses of user created sequences of iconography to make a statement, tell a story or express an emotion. The user community was to be given the opportunity to generate their own visual language by creating and uploading their own icons. Our initial goal was to create a conversational discourse of visual communication and emotional expression.


Our vision was the creation of a tool in which communication could occur between individuals who spoke different traditional languages. Additionally we hoped to create a platform and accompanying marketplace for experienced and aspiring visual designers to display their skills and potentially compensate from the community's use of their artwork or designs (a space well served today by The Noun Project).


Because of new careers and new families, this project was wound down in early 2010.


Shown below are conceptual designs.


An early work flow diagram organizing a typical user process.

Early conceptual designs for a mobile version of the application.

Early web based design showing a user's main timeline within the Doghma application.

Doghma Logo prepared by FloppyDeuce

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