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Folk Traditions


The design supported access of a deep library of well designed multimedia-based biographies of lasting cultural arts and activities. The interface focused on providing users a multi-modal search tool that allowed for both topical and spatial recognition. The project was a collaborative effort by Christian Beck, Dave Roedl, John Kay, and myself. It is currently being maintained by the Indiana University School of Ethnomusicology. Visit

The goal of this project was to provide an interface that allows users to seek out and experience cultural heritage and artistic excellence that exists in our very communities.


Early sketches outlining the user process.

Early sketches outlining the user needs and desires.

A "multi-modal" interface means interactions on either side of the interface effect the opposing side.

Selecting a county within the state focuses on that area on the map as well as in the list of available arts.

The purpose of the interface is to lead users towards traditional arts they might not have otherwise known of based upon location or interest.

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